Transform an Outfit with Accessories

My fellow stylist Maria and I recently gave a luncheon presentation to a local Newcomer Group. Together, we demonstrated how it is possible to transform outfits by using accessories. Nordstrom generously provided an exciting assortment of the latest spring
accessories for our presentation including: jewelry, shoes, handbags, belts, scarves and sunglasses. 

Don’t you wish that you could create more outfits out of the clothes you currently have in your closet? By using accessories to completely change the attitude of your outfits, you can easily update your wardrobe for the current season.  Always remember to choose accessories that flatter your personal body type and coloring and only incorporate the seasonal trends that actually work for you.

The photo below provides an example of how to incorporate your eye color into your accessories to flatter your face. The blue-green color in the scarf and necklace picks up the color in blue-green eyes. Wearing the colors found naturally in your skin, hair and
eyes will always flatter.

Contact me for help updating your wardrobe to create many fresh new looks for the season!

About carahenderson

Cara Henderson has been enhancing people's images in the fashion industry for over ten years, creating and styling wardrobes for television and print advertising campaigns for a Fortune 500 retail company. She has collaborated with many of the top photographers, models and commercial directors in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In her positions in marketing and advertising, she helped produce and style commercials, photo shoots and fashion shows, many of them award-winning. As head of a fashion product team, Cara oversaw the creation of thousands of looks and outfits, while providing training, mentoring and guidance to young stylists and fashion coordinators. In addition to her many years' experience working in Marketing and Advertising, she has also held positions in Public Relations and retail management. As founder of Cara Henderson Style Consulting, Cara provides style consulting to individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
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